Monday, 15 April 2013

Falke coming along nicely

So it's been a little to long since my last post and for that i do apologize most sincerely but i haven't been idle, just not on anything 40k related but i hope you will like what I've been upto.

 Crome over a grey primer for the wear on the final finish
 Underneath of the Falke with some of the masking sol removed, it takes forever really for....ever.
 The lumpy areas are masking sol. Good fun pealing it off honest!!!!.
 Lots of spot colour to add and details on the gubbins between the two booms.
Masking of for the final areas on the main hull, when that's done the inspiration for the colour scheme will be much more obvious  I'll leave it at that for now, till next time which will be sooner than last time if that makes sense i'm not sure myself tbh.



  1. Interesting! I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out - I'm digging the chrome undercoat weathering idea!

  2. thanks M7 should be done by the weekend then on to the dio base.


  3. I really like Hasigawa's MaK stuff (I keep wanting to call it sf3d, go figure.) I did a Gustav but still haven't started my Melusine or Nutrocker. I'll be watching here for inspiration!

  4. i still call it sf3d myself lol. will be a lot of that sort of think coming up soon as sfm UK are doing a ma.k/ junk tank rock mash up group build display for next year.
    weathering is nearly done and base started so looking good.